Bishop Carlton Pearson holding services at Apostolic Church of Morgan Park…

Now, we cannot understand how Bishop William Ellis could allow Bishop Carlton Pearson to have such services in at At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, since he and...

Now, we cannot understand how Bishop William Ellis could allow Bishop Carlton Pearson to have such services in at At Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, since he and his family have a long legacy among this historical preachers of the apostolic denomination. They have been a well-respected family whom allegedly believe in Oneness, that is, being baptized in Jesus name in order to be completely saved and also Jesus is God, allegedly. We know Bishop William Ellis is too intelligent not to know Bishop Carlton Pearson has turned away from the truth, teaching the gospel of Inclusion. As you know, the false gospel is a myth that allegedly teaches you do not need Jesus Christ to get to the cross and also all sinners are saved and can make it to heaven without repentance. Allegedly, this is what Bishop Carlton Pearson has stated on national television. We as true followers of Christ should have nothing to do with this man, pray for him, but to allow him to fellowship in a church that has been of holiness for many years is really not right in the eyes of God.

Let us give you more information, we allegedly heard Bishop Carlton Pearson allegedly say, there is no Devil nor is there a hell. Now, we know Bishop William Ellis knows about the gospel of Inclusion which was discussed on national television with Bishop Carlton Pearson claiming without a doubt he is teaching the truth. Dear readers, we had seen Bishop Carlton Pearson advertise where he has services for a few months now at his church website for New Dimensions Chicago . We cannot understand why he would be allowed to have services at Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park, if he opposes God’s Word. See for yourself, below:

Now you tell us, is this clear? Is this man having church at Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park? A man who believes a homosexual, fornicator, adulterer, whore-monger, one whom has orgies, a liar, a thief can die and enter the Kingdom of heaven, because there is no hell nor Devil can have church services at a building that is supposed to be under the leadership of a man of holiness, Bishop William Ellis. Apostolic may not be of Trinity, but they are supposed to be a denomination of Pentecostal, holiness. This is wrong, God don’t like it and Bishop Carlton Pearson is not a holy man. He is a man who allegedly turned away from the true gospel of Jesus Christ. It does not matter if he is renting out the church, money is not enough to cover up him going against Jesus Christ and His Word.

Now, you tell us, how are these “so-call” men of holiness going to make it to heaven allowing Bishop Carlton Pearson being in a holy place? Until Bishop Carlton Pearson repents to God, this nation and the people of God, he should not be allowed to have church in any churches that are of true holiness, God is not pleased. You can treat people kind, but not fellowship with darkness. In 2 Corinthians 6:14, it says this: ‘Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?’ You may say they are not fellowshipping with him, he’s just using the church for his members to attend. However, it is still still some sort of an alleged mutual connection, because he is there and it should not be. According to the above scripture, darkness cannot have communion with light, so if light, which is holiness and righteousness is yet preached at this church, then how is it a man of such alleged wickedness is allowed to have church services, there?

When you go to Bishop Carlton Pearson’s website, you will see him yet broadcasting a clip from when he was on national television on ABC News, ‘Is There Really a Hell?’


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  • MIKE Hollowell
    10 January 2016 at 5:05 p01

    Let God be God. Who really knows if there is a Hell. I don’t know anyone that has been there and came back to tell. God is love and when you are love then it radiates to others.

  • Luther Glanton III
    20 December 2013 at 5:05 p12

    WHO gives a darn….that’sthe problem with “religious” folk today…always ready to throw that stone, when the timber is still in your own eye…..GROW UP!!! Pray for understanding and for a chance to minister to and with Bishop Pearson…forgive him and move on!!!! That is what the Word and JESUS Himself tell us to d…….anything else is disobedience….and that is the SAME AS witchcraft, and rebellion..again according to the WORD!!!

  • stephen sage,evangelist
    7 November 2013 at 5:05 p11

    Obviously this endorsment of Ellis was before he pleaded guilty to fraud. However apostolic denominations teach a false gospel and are on extremely thin ice as far as being saved(Gal. 1:6-8) they set themselves up against the entire orthodox,christian church,and according to them all of us evangelicals are lost. They deny the nature of the Godhead,deny salvation by grace(by adding a work)and a few other aberrant requirements( e.g. tongues) so I don’t know if a guy like peason is much different with his heresies. False is False.

  • Yvette Pye
    29 March 2013 at 5:05 p03

    I love Carlton Peason and I I thank God for Ellis you don’t know what God will do or is doing. Maybe God told Ellis to allow him to speak. Maybe Ellis is being obedient and can’t explain it. All I know is you need to stop passing judgement!! God doesn’t give up on his people clearly only you do!!

  • Overseer K.J. Horton
    17 December 2012 at 5:05 p12

    I, too, agree that there should be no fellowship amongst the two because Ellis is who he is and Pearson, who he is. It makes no sense to do so. Some of these preachers wouldn’t do the same thing. I know that I wouldn’t.

  • Bishop Stephen White
    10 March 2012 at 5:05 p03

    I say that it’s more likely that YOU are not pleased! Stop passing your emotions off on God…

  • John Garlington
    4 March 2012 at 5:05 p03

    Here…here!!! It pays to do your own research and Bishop Carlton Pearson has done his. He isn’t the first to express this ideas and if you have completed just a high school level research on his topic you would have been enlightened but you have taken what has been taught to you by slave masters and count it as law. Wake up!


  • Caustin
    3 March 2012 at 5:05 p03

    I am certain that God doesn’t need anyone to defend him or his work. God is God! To the author, make sure that when you write an article about another, do so with the whole truth and intent of that individual without editing the article to make it sound like what you suggest. This article is clearly written to sew yet another seed of discord. Even if you disagree with what Bishop Pearson believes, take a little time to find the meaning of what the man is saying from the man himself before writing.

    Yes you have some truth in your article, but you have neatly twisted that truth around your assumptions that will have the reader walk away believing just what you intend them to believe. I understand that It’s hard for people to believe that “ALL” are saved and if you are one of those people, that’s okay! But for me, I didn’t need Bishop Pearson to tell be that Jesus died on Calvary for “ALL” men. I’ve always believed that, and either Calvary WORKED or it DIDN’T, and it worked whether I believed in it or not. Jesus dieing on Calvary for my sins was not dependent on my belief in him or the story of him, it was dependent on HIS belief in me.

    As for hell and the devil, I believe Bishop Pearson is saying that he no longer believes in the way we have been taught down through the years. Our culture and religion has taught from an angle to make us afraid so that we will repent, instead of teaching from the angle of the love of God, which would allow us to actually see and experience Gods love for us. When you truly understand that you are loved by someone, you naturally want to change and do better without force, because now you began to understand your worth to them!

    … And yes “a homosexual, fornicator, adulterer, whore-monger, one whom has orgies, a liar, and a thief can die and enter the Kingdom of heaven,” because those are the ones occupying the church still to this day, but just like our beloved Whitney Houston who never did break her addiction before leaving this earth and died suffering the consequences of such, her spiritual side (where God resides) remained untouched. That was the deal at Calvary. Her drug addiction was NOT a deal breaker for God!

    No one has ever said you won’t have to deal with your consequences of sin, that’s a done deal and a BASIC rule of thumb that even the dumbest sinner would recognize! The idea is to get you to see what’s beyond that, and to see the benefits of living the way God intended you to live, and that should NOT be because you are afraid of hell or the devil or any type of punishment, it should be because God already loves you! It’s really simple!

    I believe what Bishop Pearson’s bottom line is …. It’s not so much about our actions but the actions of Our Creator. God loved us enough to give life and secure it in him, as we go about our way trying to figure out what the heck we are doing! If this is not the teaching you need to do better, then just know, it’s not for you, but don’t forget there are some in the world who need it said just a little differently, and they belong to God too! I urge you to stretch your mind, include them in love and allow God to be God.

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