Single Parents: Be Encouraged No Matter What’s Going ON…He Knows…

  Update: Thank you all for your love and support on my first book! The emails, texts, calls, purchases of the book, social media love, family support and above...


Update: Thank you all for your love and support on my first book! The emails, texts, calls, purchases of the book, social media love, family support and above has just been beyond words! This article was published in January 2015 its 9 months later October 2015 and it yet confirms the words penned in this book, ” Being a single parent is one of the greatest responsibilities God can give a human”. Since January I have watched the children evolve even more, as a matter of fact… I have watched ME evolve more!

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I’m still amazed at my oldest son being married now and watching him navigate life as a husband. They still refuse to give me a grandchild just yet, but I have to admire their wisdom.My daughter-in-love wants to finish college first and my son wants to just enjoy his wife first! Continue to pray for their family as my son serves our country in the US Army.


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My second son is engaged now! This was a shocker given he said he wouldn’t marry until close to 30! The power of a woman! LOL! My newest soon to be daughter-in-love is in the US Navy. She leaves for deployment today for 9 months. Please keep them in your prayers as they both serve our country via the US Air Force and the US Navy.


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My little me is in her second year at Spelman College. She is doing well and has adjusted to college life. Geesh, the summer was a trying one… when they come back home after that first year of college you have to purge them with hissup!!! LOL! She is maintaining great grades, very active in school organizations as she pursues her Political Science degree and then to Stanford Law School she goes. I don’t see retirement anywhere in site! LOL!



My youngest son is now a Junior in High School. He plays defensive tackle for JV and Varsity so his schedule is rigorous daily. He has a girlfriend now…pray for me! He had a little break down a month ago trying to figure out how does he go to school, focus on his football career, have a relationship with God, family time, homework and have a girlfriend! You can only imagine that conversation! He is now 6’4, size 19 shoes, 285 pounds.


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Mom, is doing well! She just celebrated her 65th birthday! A party fit for a rockstar! We often think and laugh about my dad whom we miss SOOO much! Precious memories oh how they linger! I thank God daily for the parent I still have left here on earth! I love that spoiled senior citizen!

My God daughter is doing well! Now with 2 children of her own and living out the many lessons I taught her!

As for me, I continue to work hard to be the best that I can be. I think I got it now! No matter how old our children get we will always be Momma! They make the difference in my life! It’s sad, but my children with their grown selves still know their love just melts me…




Congratulations on your book! I remember you telling me how when you were a child you wanted to be a journalist and a meteorologist. Who would have ever thought you would accomplish both goals. I say you have accomplished your goal of a meteorologist for this reason; A meteorologist is a person with specialized education to explain, understand, observe or forecast the earth’s atmospheric phenomena. Now in all actuality you’re not a meteorologist, but you used similar tools to understand, observe, forecast and navigate four different lives.The level at which you did so is unparalleled. Only God knows where I would be without your unconditional love and brilliant words of wisdom! Proverbs 31:28 says, “Her children will arise and call her blessed.” And that is exactly what I think of when I think of you! You are truly blessed and I am blessed to be able to call you my mother. I strive to be like you and have a work ethic as strong as yours. Every time I feel like I am catching up you lap me again! LOL! Continue to do great things and always remember who your #1 Fan is!

Love your Son,

Justin Smith, A1C, USAF


In Crystal Smith’s latest work, “Single Parenting,” she addresses issues that 70% of women within the African-American community deal with. Her transparency and transformative writings will help to empower all who read it. I appreciate Crystal’s work because I know that she’s a perfect embodiment of what she’s teaching. She’s raised some awesome children!”

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.


I am grateful for being chosen by God to have literally watched you live the reality of your book! From the day I arrived, you have been a single parent and have handled it gracefully. It continuously amazes me that I have never heard or saw you complain about the state of your life, nor the responsibilities lying before you. I watched you rise above adversity, hurt, loneliness, pain and all that came with being a single parent and a woman to become who you are today. You refused to be categorized as a victim, but did everything in your power to become a victorious woman while setting an example for us to follow. Continue to be what you were not expected to be and that’s a survivor!!!

Love ya,

Your God-Daughter forever!



First, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS on this book! This is yet, one of the many accomplishments I have personally seen you have in your life. You have been a constant role model in MY life! I have seen you LITERALLY work from the bottom up watching your every step. Mom, I remember many times seeing you bend so far that I thought you would break, but you never did! The things I have seen you endure with a world that took no regards to the fact that you were the sole provider for 4 children. Mom!!! You pushed through it all!!! One of the majors as to why I look up to you is that you have been able to maintain a real relationship with God in-spite of. You taught us that everyone won’t be a national voice, but if we maximize the world we live in then one by one we will help to make the world a better place. Mom, there is a light in you that no matter the age, religion, gender, or social standards of class identification you reach them all! You are a gem and often I think about how amazing of a woman you are to me! Thank you for loving me past my flaws. Thank you for teaching me to give before I receive. Lastly, thank you for being you all around! You are the bone of my spine, keeping me straight and true. You are my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. You are the beating of my heart. I cannot imagine a life without you! Congratulations Mommy!!! I Love you!

Your teenage best friend,

Joy Smith
Spelman College


Mom, I would like to say congratulations on your new book!!! You have worked very hard to get to this point and you continue to work hard even today! For years you have been wanting to share your life with other wonderful single parents in this world who try and do their very best to provide for their family. Well, now you can, I know for a fact that this book will change the lives of many and will open a door for those who still can not quite see the light for a better day. You have been a great example in my life, and my siblings and you are greatly admired by the things you have sacrificed in order to give us the best! Your work and your teachings have not gone in vain it’s because of you I will continue to work hard! One day, I will have children of my own and I am looking forward to being a great example to them as well! Congratulations Mom!!!

Love you,

Your oldest Son,

Pfc. Joshua Smith


Crystal, know that I am proud of your accomplishments and achievements on your new book and many things before and to come in your life , but most importantly I am proud of who you have become in life! My prayer for you as a child was to see you lead and not follow. I had to kick tough love into gear and now you have grown to be a good daughter, mother and entrepreneur! Glory and Praise to God for his ever presence in your life! My children are the greatest gifts given to me in this world! As your Mom, I want you to know I believe in you and keep going! Remember, “The race is not given to the swift nor to the strong, but to the one that endureth until the end”.

Love to the Moon and Back,




After reading this book (BTW, thank you for letting us read it before the world) I now understand it was all your fault! Hahaha, just kidding Mom! It’s your fault that I love you so much, your fault I’m so protective of you, your fault that we have the bond we have! Mom, I have been holding on to you since the womb and I don’t plan on ever letting you go! You continue to be my inspiration to be all I can be in life, the best role model and the best Mom!

I love you so much,

Your youngest Son,

Jacob Smith

Being a Single Parent is one of the greatest responsibilities God can give a human. The ability to conceive is a gift from God. Parenting the child is a choice! As we all know, many give birth, many conceive children, but few take on the task of being a present, active parent in the child’s life. It’s not a task for the weak at heart! It’s one of the most selfless deed’s a human can take on. It’s a period in your life where you become the less important one and your focus goes toward developing and training innocent little humans that otherwise will have to fin for themselves.

SILENT-TEARS-COVERMany mistake being a single parent as being a single person. In many households over the globe there are two parents in the home, but only one parent is a present active part of the child’s life. This book wasn’t only written for the one body in the house family, it was also to share with the parent that is married, living with the other parent, yet you are carrying the weight of parenting alone.

What you put in a child will weigh heavily on the rest of their lives. As a single parent it is easy to lose yourself! We often have to rush to bottle up our emotions, pain, disappointment from the absent parent, the unhealed parts of our soul from our own childhood, the unresolved matters in our lives and jump into parental responsibility mode.

Well, after being a single parent and having the distinguish honor of developing and training 3 boys and 1 girl I have learned the importance of persevering myself while loving my children and being the best parent I could be.

I realized I do have dreams, visions, professional goals, plans and my future beyond the children does matter! One day those little precious feet will walk out of your front door to start a life of their own. Where will it leave you? Will you fall in the category of parents that gave their 100% focus to their child and when the child was grown and was ready to give this life a try independently the parent was left lost in life having to start over at ground zero concerning their own life, hopes, dreams, aspirations and happiness. Let’s talk about it! Meet me inside of, “The Silent Tears of a Single Parent”.

Life comes in phases. There IS life after the children grow up! Take care of you while nurturing them. You will need YOU later. (smile)

Crystal Smith has worked in Business and Entertainment for the past 22 years via the Auto Industry, Music, Television, Media, Marketing and Ministry. She is what most consider to be a, “Behind the scene machine”! Her excellence is in Brand Management which allows her to operate in her passion for brand identity, packaging and problem solving. She loves creating, developing and enhancing brands. She has built a professional portfolio of executing revenue generating strategic plans to shift ministries, businesses, television shows and radio broadcast. She is currently the Brand Manager for two of today’s leading voices in the Christian Community Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. (House of Hope Atlanta and House of Hope Macon) and Bishop Joseph Walker III (Mt. Zion Baptist Church) with 3 locations in Nashville, TN and the new Bishop of the Full Gospel Fellowship under the phenomenal Bishop Paul S. Morton.

Smith contracts with ministries, networks and businesses to promote and build marketing strategies that moves great ideas/shows/broadcast or businesses from being great to being known. She is known for being level headed, calm and functions well under stress. Ms. Smith lives by the business motto:

“A name is just a name unless shifted to a brand, a brand is worthless if it doesn’t connect with it’s right audience.”

Ms. Smith has a passion for teaching women that there is life after children, divorce and professional failures. You can begin again! This is not something that Ms. Smith read in a book she is a living, walking breathing example of how one can make bad decisions, live through them and start again.

On Thanksgiving Day 2011 Ms. Smith launched a Digital Magazine called within 10 months of its birthing the site drew viewership of over 20,000 site visits per week and has seen up to 60,000 plus page visits per day. Joy105 has a social media audience of more than 250,000 Followers. The site is something new and fresh for the Christian Community. Ms. Smith has interviewed most of today’s top Preachers, Authors, Actors, Actresses and Gospel Artist. She loves keeping the people informed in Christian news and news pertaining to the Christian. Interviews are archived on

Ms. Smith says:

“I wanted to create something that could compete with any other main stream media site on the World Wide Web while offering information that is important to the Christian or important for the Christian to know!”

Ms. Smith is a very meticulous person she watches details and comes with a freshness to activate, lead, inspire and excite from grassroots to Fortune 500 companies. She is a firm believer that flawless execution is possible with proper planning, the right team and dedication to the project.

sigimg1While and are her passion. She has also added the title of Author to her impressive resume. She has a new book entitled, “The Silent Tears of a Single Parent”. In this book, you will discover her strength and tenacity of being an ingenious business woman of a thriving branding company CSE Enterprises and a thriving digital magazine while being a loving mother that watched all the details of her children’s life, yet she understood that those little feet would some day walk out the front door to begin their own life and Mommy needed to have something to do. She knows the joy of marriage, the pain of divorce, the joy of being single, the feeling of loneliness that sometimes come with singleness, she knows the pain of bearing a child from the womb, the joy of developing the child and disappointments that can plaque a parents heart during the process.

Ms. Smith is a single mother to 4 children. Her eldest son serves our country via the US Army, her 2nd son serves our country via the US Air Force. She has one daughter that attends the prestigious HBCU Spelman College and her youngest son is currently a 10th grade Varsity Football Player. Upon experiencing divorce Crystal was determined to cultivate her children into being movers and shakers in this world. She deems it a pleasure to watch them now navigate their own personal journeys in life while she continues pursuing all that God has for her life. What started as a one person journey has now become a team of five that is eager to make the world a better place!


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